Saturday, February 20, 2016

Guest are welcome!

Hey, did I tell you, my dear family and friends, that we have a guest room?  If you need a home base for an Alaskan adventure, we've got you covered.

queen sized bed, dresser for your clothes, a desk for your laptop

blackout curtains

Right this way to the guest suite...

Just close this pocket door (with a lock) for a little more privacy.

Our kids all have trundle beds, so your kids are welcome too.  We can also make up a bed in the family room or if you want a taste of camping, we can set up you up out in the tent trailer.  Haha!


  1. hi, i absolutely love this home, i am also trying to find a good falu color for exterior, but my vermillion sample looks more purple than the color you have on your exterior. will it look more of a falu red when applied? i have painted many coats on a poaster board, but still no luck. please help.

  2. Hi Julia! Thank you for compliment and stopping by.
    It is hard to pic a red! Did you see this post?

    We tried a lot of reds on our outdoor shed on top of a grey primer. We settled on Sherwin Williams Vermillion SW 2914, which looks like has been archived, but is still available. I don't think it has a purple undertone at all. It seemed to be the nicest red to me. Not orange, brown, purple...

    Did you get it from Sherwin Williams? Their Color to Go doesn't always look exactly the same as a quart or gallon of the exterior paint and I found out the hard way that a Benjamin Moore "match" is not always a match. The primer matters too. Be sure to use a grey primer or a tinted one. Good luck! I love red houses!

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