Saturday, May 9, 2015

Eclectic but Cohesive Lighting?

A few months ago, we met with the electrician. I was hoping for some feedback or advice about the current plan, but didn't get any. We left with the plan to do what was on the drawings. 

Unfortunately, it took that meeting for me to realize that the lighting plan wasn't exactly what I wanted.  There were so many can lights in the plan. I hoped our house would have a timeless feel about it and I didn't think a bunch of can lights were going to help me achieve that look. I have to say, that can lights would be easy.  A modern house needs a lot of lighting, especially in the middle of an Alaskan winter. Since Erica, our architect, was already gone, I scanned the plans and whited out a lot of the planned lighting and started thinking about what I really wanted.

Meanwhile, I began spending uncountable hours looking at lighting online.  Many a Saturday morning was eaten up by searching for the right lighting.  

Eclectic but Cohesive Lighting?   

This is what I kept telling myself I wanted.  I didn't want to just go to the lighting store and pick all the coordinating pieces out of some catalog. 

The biggest challenge is that I hate most chandeliers. Then one day, I fell deeply for an antique piece.  It was the one.  Fortunately, over the next few weeks,  I realized couldn't bring myself to spend the money.  It might have been a little too beautiful for my kid-friendly home anyway.  

classic style
no exposed lightbulbs
antique pewter or a satin nickel finish
not trendy, not too fancy
total to stay within a healthy budget

I first picked the lighting for the family studio.  I was really interested in using the 3 light pendant in that room.  The following is an Olioboard I created with some of the pieces we already have and the lighting I plan to use.

Next, I picked pieces for the kids' rooms and their bathrooms (with their input).   Seeing those picks on the Olioboards helped me see the round and globe shapes in the fixtures. So, I added globes for the basics in the hall and laundry upstairs. 

So,  back to the main areas of the house.  The ceiling in these areas will be covered in 4" v-groove white painted boards. We have several pieces that will stand out - the entry light, dining room fixture, living room light and the kitchen pendants.  I gave up on the lovely antique and settled on an inexpensive, but quirky piece (center piece in following image). I am going to get the white porcelain fixture and likely the red cords.  From there, I found some small fixtures with round globes to fill out the lighting where many of the cans had been planned. 

As of now, I've decided to go with a classic looking drum pendant for the Living room with 6" globe fixtures in the corners.  There will be one can light for the art work over the fireplace.  The dining room will have white porcelain fixtures with 8" globes in the corners and the quirky chandelier. The kitchen has a variety of  satin nickel fixture all with globes.  I may choose something different for the kitchen pendants.  I am afraid I may have too much of a good thing going on.  So, I am back to looking at lighting again, but not so frantically anymore.

I am currently considering one of these for island pendants, just to mix it up a bit:

The lighting alone, has made me really wish I had an interior designer, but alas, I went it alone.  I can't tell you how many times I have said to myself "I hope it all works out."

I picked exterior lighting too, but I'll save that for another time.

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