Sunday, October 19, 2014

Interior Details - Part 2

Our project manager has been making a big push to get the house ready for final inspections so we can get a Certificate of Occupancy from the Muni this month.  Once we have it, we will be able to finalize our mortgage and maybe actually move in.

So, the build site has had a lot of people popping in for a bit of work over the last few weeks.

Finish work - We have had 3 different finishing crews on site, all amazing craftsman. Bath and Laundry cabinets are are in.

The stair handrail is almost done.  It needs paint and a piece of Cherry on top to finish it off.  It should go in on Monday or Tuesday.

Doors and Windows are all beautifully trimmed out.  Actual doors will be hung this week or the next and hardware installed. The shiplap wainscot is almost done, and the tongue-groove ceiling is done in the main living areas.

Cabinetry - my kitchen cabinets are half in.   The island will get a butcher block top in a few days.  The cabinets were designed by me and were beautifully built by a local cabinet maker, as was my bath vanity.

Dan built our guest bath vanity.

The laundry and kids bath cabinets are from a manufacturer with custom paint colors.

Painting - We had a very hard working solo painter who finished up the exterior last month and has been bouncing around the inside and pushing along the finish carpenters.  Last week, as soon as they put up trim, he was behind them filling holes and sanding.  Thankfully, he has had some help this week and the last.

Tile work...still needs some baseboard tile and grout, bathroom windows and niches are not quite done, and there a few spots that just need grout.  Despite that list, I am happy with the progress.

The plumbers have started installing the fixtures.

The electrician has been busy too and should be ready for an inspection mid-week.

Dirt work - mailbox is going in on Monday and maybe some more gravel for additional parking.  We will do some additional landscaping in the spring, but it will be fine for this winter.

Last weekend, I just wanted something to be done, anything.  I am still waiting, but things are getting close.