Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exterior Details - Part 4

The exterior is nearly complete!  Over the last month, painting was finished, gutters attached, exterior lighting installed, front steps and deck steps were added, boardwalk framework was placed. The last items include: the cedar planking on the boardwalk between the garage and house (which will be completed closer to the end to keep it in good shape), installing the doorbell button and house numbers, washing the windows and garage doors, and some dirt work.

We have had only one minor disappointment relative to the exterior.  For the last several months, I have asked about having the garage doors and the jam of the blue doors painted Slate like the windows.  There was much debate about which painter would get the job. The other day I was informed it was now too late in the season to paint the aluminum doors.  I decided it was in my best interested to just bite my tongue about asking about it for months, since it is minor and can be done next summer. That said, I can still vent about it here. :)