Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the love of red - part 2

A year ago, we were considering stained cedar or a blue-grey color scheme for the exterior.  Then while contemplating an interior style, I stumbled upon Swedish Falu (red) houses on Pinterest.  I loved the photos of them in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.  I have always loved red, so I tested the idea out with out sketch-up model, suggested it to Dan, Erica (our architect), mom and then I let my friends weigh in.

From there, I scoured the internet for photos of red houses, especially those with paint color details. None of them looked red enough, not like the Swedish houses.

I picked up a zillion paint chips, then a couple paint samples, then a couple more.  In the end, I tried out 8 paint samples on our shed. Some were too purple, too orange, too pink, too brown.  Then we tried Vermillion by Sherwin Williams (bottom right).  

I painted the entire shed (didn't get to finish the trim before the rain started) and looked at it all winter.  It was the right one.

And now we are on our way to a red cottage in the woods.  

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  1. Hi Kjerstin! Funny how similiar our falü red search was! Thank you for weighing in. The search for the perfect scandi-red has ended. Turns out sw vermillion red is 99% a color match to the accepted color code of falü or falun red. We are in fact painting our house as I write this. I will update my @swedehome instagram account shortly. Tell me what you think as your color research played a part in our desicion to go forward with vermillion. Now if I can just nail down haint blue lol 😊