Thursday, July 24, 2014


My real house feels like total chaos.  No one seems to mind, except me. Note the two kids reading blissfully. The third one is on the computer, completely unaware of his surroundings.

After another busy summer day, I couldn't get myself to deal with it (the kitchen and table look worse), so I took a walk to see today's progress. Three different crews were at the house today.  

The gables got another coat of red paint.

Our framers finished a little porch off the back of the garage.

The drywall crew finished taping and began mudding the house.

I seriously wanted to sit there and live in the daydream of that empty house.  

After a while, I headed home to half packed boxes; abandoned art, science and sewing projects; piles of fabric, tile, countertop, and paint samples; boxes of door sets and lighting fixtures; dishes for days; and a dinner to start.  

I am so grateful that we get to build this house.  It is so awesome and the crews are wonderful. So far the stress has almost nothing to do with the execution of the design.  Our framing crew is amazing and will be doing most of the finishing work, as well. It is just the coordinating of choices and making decisions, going through invoices, documenting everything and, of course, the ever-present budget that are taking over my life.  It is summer and I feel more stressed out because I am busy missing it.

I keep telling myself that within 6 months, all this stress will fade into memory.  

I can barely wait.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

June/July Interior Update

Because we are installing in-floor radiant heat, so the crew came in and screwed down plywood sleepers for the hardwood to be nailed to in most of the house. Only the entry, mudroom, laundry and baths will have brick or tile, so no sleepers there.    Then the maze of radiant heat tubing was installed followed by gypcrete.  

The Renaissance Rumford fireplace has been installed and gypcrete poured.

Sheetrock began at the end of June.  It seemed like a big puzzle.  They went through and put up all the full size sheets they could and then went back and filled in the missing pieces.

Living Room - SW corner of house

view from Dining Room to Kitchen - SE corner

Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the love of red - part 2

A year ago, we were considering stained cedar or a blue-grey color scheme for the exterior.  Then while contemplating an interior style, I stumbled upon Swedish Falu (red) houses on Pinterest.  I loved the photos of them in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.  I have always loved red, so I tested the idea out with out sketch-up model, suggested it to Dan, Erica (our architect), mom and then I let my friends weigh in.

From there, I scoured the internet for photos of red houses, especially those with paint color details. None of them looked red enough, not like the Swedish houses.

I picked up a zillion paint chips, then a couple paint samples, then a couple more.  In the end, I tried out 8 paint samples on our shed. Some were too purple, too orange, too pink, too brown.  Then we tried Vermillion by Sherwin Williams (bottom right).  

I painted the entire shed (didn't get to finish the trim before the rain started) and looked at it all winter.  It was the right one.

And now we are on our way to a red cottage in the woods.