Thursday, May 1, 2014

Exterior Details - Part 3

This is page 2-4 of the exterior details document Erica created.  It shows materials, measurements for each section, and how to layout the panels.

Less than a week after the batten issue, the full sized panels went up on the back gable and then the South gable.  It looked like this:

As soon as I looked at this picture Dan took, I knew it wasn't right.  The upper band was going to be too close to the top of the window.

So, we met the next day.

I brought warm, homemade muffins.

I explained the situation and that I thought they would build it like the first floor to take full advantage of the 10' panels and keep the pieces at the correct height, as shown, minimize the seams and keep the house from looking like it is covered in plywood.

Our contractor first said he didn't understand and then listened and looked at the document that clearly shows 10' between the two belly bands.  He agreed that if wouldn't look quite right. Then he said, "What would you like to do?" I said I wanted it done right, so that we could all feel proud of the house. He quickly agreed to take it off and redo it. I suggested, as a compromise, to leave the back East gable (master bedroom) as it is and paint the flashing but put the belly band where it belongs.  I don't love that, but I can live with it.

This is what the South gable looks like now:

Now, it is going to look great.  The proportions are right and the bellybands will cover the flashing so there won't be a horizontal seam, except on that back gable.

Hopefully, when all the pieces are installed, only those of you who have bothered to read my blog will know it is not true board and batten.  :)

Meanwhile, the soffits are turing out wonderfully (see gable soffits above and vented soffits below).

Another lesson learned.  Too bad I don't intend to build more houses.  ​I wish I had gone over all the details in person, but I thought they would pay more attention to the written details. I think we all learned a lesson this time. I am going to try to remember these two recent experiences and plan to be more proactive about discussing the details before they get started. Our weekly meetings are really helping with that.

The red on the front gable was completed today!

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