Sunday, March 2, 2014

Windows, doors, and garage doors

I have been nervously awaiting the arrival of the windows and doors.  Huge purchase.  The biggest line item besides labor.   They arrived and they are awesome.  After they were unloaded from the truck, one of our framers stopped me one cold afternoon to tell me that the windows were very good quality.  He said he didn't think they could be better than Marvin, but they are.  He pointed out some of the details, which were some of the many reasons I selected these windows. I smiled a lot and thank him for hes feedback, because I had been so nervous about the choice, which was fully on me.  My contractor had never used them and there isn't a local dealer.  So, I worked with a dealer in Fairbanks. They even came down twice to check on the delivery and installation.

So the windows are triple-paned, which will be nice here in Alaska.  They are made by Kolbe and are extruded aluminum on the exterior, in slate, and primed pine on the interior.  We could have had the interior painted, but I couldn't decide on a color way back in October. I did pick a special color for the entry door and the dining room door.  I will admit to one mistake on the order.  I wish someone had asked me or I had known to ask, but I don't like that that door jam of the blue doors is blue.  I think it should be slate, like the rest of the doors and windows.  So, we will likely paint that later in summer.  There are other details that make them special, but I think I mentioned them in a previous post.

dining room and living room from the kitchen

Then the garage doors arrived.  I was also nervous about these, because they are custom, so no returns. The main doors are 9 feet tall, so I asked if we could bring the windows down one panel.  Apparently, this was an unusual request, but I thought it would put the window at a more appropriate height. I played around with the design on Sketch-Up based on drawings from the Martin Door company. With my architects input, we pick a style, signed off on it and crossed my fingers.

So, either Dan or I go over to the house almost every day.  On the day the garage doors went up, it was Dan who stopped by. He sent me a picture via text.  My response is in green.

We looked at 2 window styles.  One just had a vertical divider in the lites.  The other (as above) had a a horizontal divider too.  I signed off on a drawing of the vertical only because we were afraid they 4 lite windows would look too squat.  Luckily, I think they look fine, because these are not the snap in dividers, but are part of the structure. It is still a little annoying when you spend a lot of time deciding on the details and documenting the details and others are not as thoughtful.  In this case, I am actually happy with the doors and won't be complaining much.
9 foot doors on front of garage

10' ceilings and 9' doors make a roomy garage.

By the way, I am so excited about a garage!  Since I left my mom's house as a teenager, I have only been able to park my car in a garage for about 4 months (while I was student teaching and had to leave the house by 6:45am).  I have been a mother for nearly 10 years, none of which have I had a garage to park in.  While we currently have a garage, it is not even tall enough for our Toyota Sequoia. So many times this winter, as I was hauling kids, their stuff, groceries, etc, I kept reminding myself that next winter it would be all good.

8 foot door on Dan's workshop

They still have to come back and install the openers and some weather stripping, but will wait until after other things are complete.