Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going up

I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I was to see the first piece of wood going into the construction of our house.  After months of foundation, well, septic, and dirt work, we were finally out of the ground and going up.

Before the delays and the change in the construction of the house, the plan was for a small framing company to build our house.  SIPs go up pretty quickly and the two guys who own Mega Ultra Framing, Rob and James are the best.  After we decided to use 2x6s, the building season was in full swing and Rob and James were still on board for framing our house.  They are awesome, meticulous, and professional.  The only downside is that there are only two of them and our house and garage combined, is more square footage than I can admit at this time.

They began framing the floor at the end of August and continued working on the first and second floors through the first half of November.

Dan and I stop by pretty frequently, usually while we are out for a bike ride or a run, but Dan is the one who gets most of the pictures.  Here is a small sample of the progression of the floor to the second story walls:

floor joints going in

from the back corner of the family room

garage framing begins

support beam in garage

Steel support beams in house.  They support the South facing gable
stairs are in

first floor framing complete.  photo take from the top of the stairs.
view of first floor framing from the second floor of the garage

first floor of the garage framing complete

timber beams go in to support framing of the second floor

view from kitchen through dining area and living room
we're upstairs!
framing progresses

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