Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Framing the roof

It has taken nearly four months to complete the framing, including the roof of our house.  I know some people have their whole houses completed in that amount of time.  Whatever, I really don't want to hear about it.

Just kidding, we're patient and I believe we are getting an excellent house.  James and Rob are doing all the framing and finishing work, so they will be on our project until the end.  They will be building the porch and deck soon, installing exterior doors and windows, putting up pre-painted siding, hanging interior doors and doing all the finishing work at the end.

The roof trusses arrived November 24th.  We all stopped by the next day to watch the crane load some of them up.  It took two days to get all the main trusses up.  It has taken another month and a half to finish all the side trusses (2x as many) without the boom truck and complete some hand framing of the dormers and the South gable.  The roof is a 15/12 pitch, which is steep and unusual around here.  Dark mornings and afternoons, cold temps, snow, wind and a few icy days have slowed the guys down quite a bit.

Day two with boom truck.  Main trusses go up with the help of a few extra people.

Our framing guys tagged our house :)  MUC = Mega Ultra Corp.

trusses on the family room

inside under the new trusses
garage in progress

garage roof framing is complete with sheathing, facia boards and dormer

more snow before the roof  is on the house

snow covered staircase
SW corner of house - Adding a ridge beam for the South facing gable

South side of house

North side of house

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  1. What I'm most impressed about all this is that you guys did it during the winter. It must have been quite tough for you to do all of that work with the snow lying around. That being said, there are no better picks than a house under construction in the snow. It's something you don't see everyday.
    Jonathan Carol @