Wednesday, April 3, 2013

For the love of red

We were contemplating modeling our exterior after this house:

Kell Architects

Our builder, our architect and Dan all love it.  I really like it, but when it came time to actually pick the colors (siding stain, window colors, roof), I kept thinking how boring it seems.  I was trying to pick an interesting color for the door, but couldn't figure it out.

Then, while perusing Houzz, I saw this snowy scene:

Hmm.  Red.  Red in the snow.  Red and grey.

Then I started thinking about all the red houses I have fallen in love with over the years (while on my search for the perfect house plan and before we hired Erica).  Like this one (I actually brought this photo to show Erica):

Traditional Exterior by Baxter General Contractor Northway Construction Services

There were even more, but you get the idea.

So, I played around with our Sketch-Up model (I have no idea how much I paid for Erica to create this model, but it was worth every single penny).

I went from this idea:

to this:

It looks a little cartoonish, but it sure helps me imagine it better. The challenge may be finding the right red stain for the cedar siding.  I am going to try out some out later today. Maybe I will also go take a picture of our snowy, well-tree lot and put this image on top of it.

So, what do you think?  Greyish or Red?

Or there is always, my favorite; navy blue...

I love Sketch-Up, maybe even more than I love red.

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