Friday, September 9, 2011


This summer, we stuck with the Read, Create, Play idea.  We mostly played, did a little creating, and reading is always somewhere in our day.

The above picture is Oliver and Benton in tissue paper monster masks they made.  They are not really impressive pieces of art, but they really wanted me to take their picture.  Actually, the reason I thought to share it, is that it wasn't at all my idea, but they didn't just come up with it on their own.  We have lots of books, art supplies, and manipulatives around the house to support their learning.  And, several boxes that I have yet to unpack.

Some of our project idea books-from art to science, there are plenty of colorful pictures to inspire

Anyway...The masks are based on a project they found in a book, but modified to fit their desires and skill levels.  This one required a fair amount of hands on time from me, which is probably why I hesitated a little when they showed me the picture, but then I reminded myself that my job is to say yes to projects and "how can I help?"

The point of all this is that I was busy and Oliver wanted something to do.  So, I said "Just go look through the books and find something you want to do."  By the time I had finished cleaning up my kitchen, he was back and had a plan.  I like that.   Actually, I am a little jealous.  I wish I could make a plan to create something and complete it in one day, but so it goes.  Parenting is a long term project that is keeping me pretty busy at the moment and I like that too.