Monday, June 6, 2011


Of course, as soon as I say we have a new rhythm to our days, it gets blown away by a little bacteria we'll call Strep.


I don't know about any of you, but this mothering thing keeps me on my toes.  I always feel like I am adjusting to the new situation (or lack of sleep) and never quite have it together.

Anyway, the boys had Strep and Linnea got pretty sick too and ended up on antibiotics.  Me and Dan, well, we're not sick enough for antibiotics, but we were pretty miserable for awhile too.

Meanwhile, it is gorgeous outside!  I mean, perfect weather.  Memorial Day weekend, our friends were heading off camping without us.  I kept trying to send my kids outside and they would end up fighting and/or crying.  One downside of Alaskan summers, if the sun is shining I feel obligated to go outside and enjoy it.   Unfortunately, my kids just wanted to sit in front of the tv and recover.  I probably should have let them.

Well, next week, I will work on getting back to our 10am routine.  I hope we are all in good health by then.  Of course, I really need to deal with our messy house now.   Have a sick toddler means someone needs my presence nearly 24 hours a day.  So, the laundry is piling up (the dryer didn't work for 3 weeks, so that didn't help) and the playroom is crazy messy and it felt monumental to just keep up with the dishes.  Oh well, that is how it goes.