Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Read, Create, Play

This was quite a year for our family.  First of all we moved across the country.  As some of your know, moving is no small affair.  Although, we had visited many times, my kids and husband, were not Alaskans yet and we are still settling into who we are as Alaskans.  I kind of know who I am, but being the mom, makes it different.  We remodeled our house (still working on that one). I started a secular homeschooling group. :)  All while caring for a family of five, including a nursing baby and a giant puppy.  I was just trying to get through the day and could barely think any further.

Meanwhile, Oliver became an official homeschooling Kindergartner. Having been a Kindergarten teacher, I had big plans for Oliver.  When he was about 2, I could barely wait to start teaching him.  Ha ha.  That kid made it very clear that I would not be teaching him.  He does the learning on his own.  Having children greatly changed what I believe about how kids learn.  To Oliver, I am a valued resource, but he is in charge of his learning.  I believe my job is to give guidance and inspiration, opportunities, supplies, books and to say "yes" when someone wants my help to learn something in particular.

So, with everything that has been going on this year,  I set a simple goal for us.  A daily to do list: 


It was and is perfect for us.  Most days, if we did 2 of those items and everyone was fed and dressed (at some point), I was doing well.  I recently added two more things I would like Oliver to do every day:  Help (with caring for our home and family) and Write (he has a journal and likes to send letters).

I love how simple, yet complex Read, Create, Play can be.  Read - includes listening, reading alone, reading to someone else.  Create - usually means art, building with blocks, train tracks, baking, cooking, etc.  Play - go outside, please!  or playing with toys.  I kind of like to get them outside everyday, when possible.  For Oliver, this has been his to-do list as a kid.

For me, it is a reminder that I need to fit those things into my day too.  Right now, I am working on the create part  (I want to organize my sewing room)  I am also working on the writing in a journal right along side of them.

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  1. This is wonderful! Even with older kids, this just keeps it simple and breaks it down so it does not seem overwhelming for both parents and kids.