Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr. Seuss Celebration

 I have to say, that this little party turned out pretty fun.   The day before, my kids and I decorated with balloons and streamers and a welcome sign.  I did my best to tidy up the house and did not worry about any of the unfinished projects, but did put away the tools that had been laying around.  We also made cupcakes together.

The kids (a fairly young group) arrived and made Cat-in-the-Hat hats out of construction paper.  Why I don't have pictures of these, I don't know.  We played a few games, including pin the green egg on the ham, I Can do That (a Dr.  Seuss box game - kids had to do little tricks), and we read a lot of Dr. Seuss books (thank Hilkka!)

I did my best to keep things in check.  Call it a "party" and I have a hard time keeping things to a minimum, but I think I did pretty well.   The kids and I made the (simple) cupcakes.  I made sandwiches to share, pb-n-j, and ham and avacado.  The kids loved the little Dr. Seuss toothpicks in the sandwiches and used them to eat all sorts of stuff.  I put out a bunch of fruit and called it "done."  We had some Dr. Seuss pencils and little books to share.  And of course, paper products, because that always says party to kids.  

It was just right.

Thanks to all of you who came.  We talked about making it an annual event, but choosing a different author/book each year.  I am curious to see what we come up with for next year.

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