Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Learning Farm

I must have been busy, because I forgot to post about this place.  We went on a cold and wet day in October.  The boys and the other kids who were there that day (a mix of homeschoolers and preschoolers) got to meet all the farm animals and then got to ride the horse and buggy and a horse.


It was Oliver and Benton's first experience with a horse.  They were both so excited to get to ride her and wanted more time on her.   I love seeing how confident they were and comfortable on the horse (wish I knew here name).    

It was planned that we would have lunch there and do a craft, but by the time the all the horse riding was done, there was only about ten minutes left and I opted to head out.  I felt chilled (cold and rainy) and I was sure the kids were probably a little chilly too.  Also, Linnea had been in the backpack the entire time, without a single complaint.

We were all pleased with our experience at the Learning Farm and hope to go back.  It is a little expensive, but they did offer a discount for siblings and it is right here in town, so no long drive involved. 

Check out, if you get a chance.

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