Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ready to Read

Oliver loves all things math related.  He'll add or subtract just about anything.  He counts in multiples (I think they call it skip counting at schools), he loves coins, multiplies and divides simple numbers, all in his head.  Meanwhile, he has shown no interest in learning to read. Now, don't get me wrong, he knows all his letter sounds,way beyond the basics, he sounds out words, reads familiar words etc.  But, if you ask him to read something or suggest that he can read, he scoffs at the idea.

It took me a long while, but I got our playroom organized (finally).  We now have a better rhythm around here.  We have all been spending more time in the play/learning room and Oliver has started asking me to teach him.  He wants me to get stuff out of my boxes of teaching supplies.  I put up a pocket chart with some beginning reading stories.  

As I expected, he didn't real need me to teach him anything.   He really enjoyed reading something that seemed "easy."   He quickly and enthusiastically read 4-5 stories and poems and asked for more.  I suggested we slow down and maybe work with the new words we learned.  Benton was reading along with us, as well.  

 I love giving kids tasks they can feel successful at, instead of making them work really hard and feeling frustrated.  This approach always works well with Oliver.  He is a bit stubborn, so say the least.

So, we stopped there for the day. We read them again the next day and while laying in bed that night, Oliver started telling me about the story he wanted to write.  

All of this leads me to this morning.  Oliver was ready to write his own story.  Instead of him suffering through the handwriting and sounding out words, I went the "reading and writing is fun" route.  I typed up his sentences, printed the pages and then he illustrated them.  

Meanwhile, Benton was painting, his favorite thing, ever.  


Here is a video of Oliver reading his story, "My Favorite Foods," and a hello to Nonna and Papa in Georgia!

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  1. Hi Kjerstin. I am just now checking out your new blog. I love it. That's all I can say now, as it is well past my bedtime, but I will be back to read more tomorrow.