Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ice Skating at Cuddy

I took three kids ice skating, none of whom no how to ice skate. 

Linnea, rode in my stroller.  Completely content.

Oliver held onto my stroller a lot, but ventured out on his own too.  He actually got better after a bit and stopped clinging to me. 

Benton decided to ride in Hilkka's stroller, skates on.  He only got out once to play in a pile of snow.   Benton was the one who made it clear it was time to go home.  One second he was fine, the next, he was crying. After what felt like an eternity, I got everyone's boots on, stroller and skates in the truck, kids buckled in. After a few minutes in the truck with the heat on, Benton stopped crying and I asked if he could tell me why he had been so upset.  I suspected cold hands (he took his mittens off at the end), but he said "I wanted to listen to some music."  Ok.


Thanks to our friends who joined us!  Spike, in full hockey gear, Finley, and Charlie are all great skaters!  We'll have to go again soon.

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