Saturday, October 30, 2010

The boy in the purple coat

I drove 35 miles today for an outdoor (20 degrees) Halloween event, only to discover that Benton’s coat was back at the house.

I thought I was doing pretty well.  I had managed, with a little help from Dan, to get 3 kids, 3 costumes, boots on everyone, 4 sets of hats and mittens, a camera, snacks and water for all of us, into the car and all the way out to the boonies by 11am.  And the road was icy. 

Then I realized I  left one coat behind.

Thankfully, Hilkka has a big circle of friends, who have welcomed all of us in.  Several of these families were attending the party and one mom had an extra coat in her car.  Actually, turns out, more than one mom had extra coats, and I think all these moms were driving subarus, by the way.   I felt a little foolish, but I think it really helped me maintain my “not-a-super-mom” image.

One dad said to me, “oh, aren’t you from Florida?”  “Uh, no, I am not from Florida.  Georgia, kind of.  I am from here, actually.  They (pointing at kids) are from Georgia.”  And, as the rest of us know, Georgia, is not Florida.

I used to have a duffel bag of extra clothing, coats, mittens, hats, etc, along with a sleeping bag and snack bars, matches, sterno and a cooking pot.  I guess it is time to gather up the supplies.  When I grew up, we were not allowed to take our coats or boots off in the car, just in case we went off the road or got in an accident.  Today, Oliver, with snow on the ground, left his coat and boots in the car and walked barefoot into the house.  Arg. 

My little cheechakos are going to be hard to retrain, but I hope, that as it gets colder, they will realize it is in their best interest to be responsible for their own warm clothing.

But if something gets left behind, I will be the kind of mom that has a spare or two in the back of the truck.