Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

I took this picture on a sunny, fun-filled day when I realized it was the first official day for local Kindergartners and Oliver's first official day as a homeschooler.

It is a rite of passage, the first day of school.  I have seen so many pictures lately of friends' kids going off to school.  Cute outfit, new lunch box and backpack, big smile.

My son won't have that, but  I hope to give him more.   More sunshine, for starters.  It was finally sunny after a month of rain.  Seriously, a whole month of rain.   My little kindergartner was livin' it up.

At the sand table durning centers?  No, on the beach on the Turnagain arm.

Sitting quietly during a read aloud?  Nope, taking a break on the coastal trail to admire the mountains and hear the story of the Sleeping Lady.
No uniforms, no shoes, even.

No limits to what he might learn out in the world.

I like that.

I am pretty sure he does too.

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