Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Month Ago...


We celebrated Dan’s birthday, but I never posted any pictures.

We had some family over and I made a special sandwich, at Dan’s request.  I wish I had made the bread too, but I didn’t.  I just couldn’t do the bread and the cake and the dinner.  That picture is from the previous time we made the sandwiches, with my bread.  Anyway, it is a decadent roast beef sandwich made with roasted filet of beef, truffle butter, parmesan and arugula.  We served it with roasted winter vegetable soup, vinaigrette potato salad and something else, I have apparently forgotten.  Seriously yummy.

This was the first time I made a decorated cake just for Dan.  He usually get an Apple Dapple cake.  The boys helped bake and decorate the cake, which took the pressure off me. :)  It looked great.  They picked a tip for the pastry bag and put the borders on, the polka dots, and wrote “Happy 39th.”  That’s all there was room for.  It was pretty yummy too.  It was a chocolate cake with raspberry mouse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Not bad.

The kids passed around the chocolate on top and took turns eating bites from it. 

It was a fun night and I enjoyed hosting and celebrating Dan’s birthday.  We had just got some new dining room chairs and I was able to seat all the adults at the table.  It was the first time in over 8 years in the house that I got out all my china and glassware and served everyone at the table.  The kids had their own table in the kitchen and were excited about that too.  I wish I had a table that would seat 12-14 people.  Maybe someday.

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