Friday, November 20, 2009

Stay home day


little morning pbs for the boys
mom snuggling a little bit longer with sleeping baby
hearty granola breakfast
hot mocha cocoa, yum
orange juice for the guys
hot shower
called a friend, but she wasn't home
decided we would have a "stay home day"
read books
set up doll house
mostly played with baby doll
cooked up some pumpkin pie playdough
ate lunch while it cooled
built a train track and roads to play on
played with playdough
aprons and chef's hats on, mixed up apple muffins
back to trains and cars
ate muffins
trains and cars again
out to the yard with the dog
fishing for marshmallow fish
"those are fish with marshmallows for bodies"
back in the house for a bath
met dad for pizza

nursing, laundry, dishes, picking things up, diapers, etc
house still a mess
wore baby all day
felt grateful to have her there
mom worn out
still wearing baby
happy to have an easy day at home


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