Monday, November 9, 2009

Epps Aviation Field Trip

We spent about 3 hours today at a small plane airport (Dekalb Peachtree).  The kids got a little history lesson, learned about different kinds of planes and even got to sit Mr. Epps’ plane.  The boys loved it.  Linnea slept through most of it. 

After the tour, we lunched with our friends and played at the playground next to the airstrip, securely behind a fence :).  We watched all sorts of planes take off and land.

We had big group, probably 20 kids or more, plus parents.  Our field trips don’t have quite the chaotic energy of a school group trip.  Maybe it’s because we all arrive in our own vehicles, we bring our own lunches or most likely, it is because I am only responsible for my own kids.   I do think it’s fun to be with a group of kids that range from Linnea’s age to 12 years old or so.  I like to see how they all play together and was surprised how quickly they learn each other’s names.  We are active in a local group that has over 100 families, so we meet new people on every trip.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our day!

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