Friday, November 20, 2009

Stay home day


little morning pbs for the boys
mom snuggling a little bit longer with sleeping baby
hearty granola breakfast
hot mocha cocoa, yum
orange juice for the guys
hot shower
called a friend, but she wasn't home
decided we would have a "stay home day"
read books
set up doll house
mostly played with baby doll
cooked up some pumpkin pie playdough
ate lunch while it cooled
built a train track and roads to play on
played with playdough
aprons and chef's hats on, mixed up apple muffins
back to trains and cars
ate muffins
trains and cars again
out to the yard with the dog
fishing for marshmallow fish
"those are fish with marshmallows for bodies"
back in the house for a bath
met dad for pizza

nursing, laundry, dishes, picking things up, diapers, etc
house still a mess
wore baby all day
felt grateful to have her there
mom worn out
still wearing baby
happy to have an easy day at home


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting it right, eventually


Someone actually said to me this morning “You look like you have it all together today!

It is pouring out and we are all relatively dry and almost on time.  I guess that’s something, but I still start laughing.  If she only knew.

Actually, she kind of knows.  This friend has patiently listened to me work through some parenting stuff while our kids have been in class together.  She knows that getting three people out of the house has been a bit challenging for me.   I usually don’t have to be anywhere until 10 or 11am (yes, 11am and it is still a challenge).

The thing is, I know what I am suppose to do .  I know how to make the morning nice.  Somehow I still screw up.  Sometimes I am tired and I just don’t feel like being super mom.  I have a crying baby who needs to be fed, snacks to gather, water bottles to fill, raincoats to put on and we have 15 minutes until class starts and I want my 5 year old to get his own socks out of the bottom drawer and put them and his own shoes on so we can all tag along with him to his soccer class, in the hopes that he will have fun.  Is that too much to ask? 

Apparently so.

I know Oliver has had this issue lately.  He wants me to do things for him that he is capable of doing.  I had resolved myself to just doing them. I figure he will move on and put his own shoes on or whatever, again, but this morning I let my frustration with my often overwhelming number of responsibilities show and I am a bit of a grump, to put it lightly.

Thankfully, Benton is ready and willing to go this morning.  Meanwhile, I hear myself saying stuff I don’t like to my sweet boy who just wants me to go get his socks and is now crying about it. Linnea is crying too.  I told him to sit down and be quiet while I nurse Linnea.  He told me he might get bored.  I kind of laugh and suggest he go get his socks.  He doesn’t appreciate my suggestion.

Maybe it’s the nursing hormones, but I decide I need to be better. 

So, while nursing Linnea and putting Benton’s shoes on at the same time, I say to Oliver “I bet you can’t get your socks before I get to ‘Blast Off!’ 10, 9 8,...”  A smile spreads across Oliver’s face and he is off and running.  So, I put socks on.  Next up, shoes and raincoats.  “Let see, can you get all your stuff before I get to... , what letter does your name begin with? “  “O!”  “Oh yeah, before I get to O?  A, B, C,...”

I’ve said before that parenting requires me to come up with something brilliant 5-6 times a day.  Unfortunately, I rarely meet the quota or in this instance it takes me longer than it should to get there.  I want to do it right the first time. 

Hmm, that’s probably what my kids wish too.

Maybe I’ll get it right tomorrow morning.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Epps Aviation Field Trip

We spent about 3 hours today at a small plane airport (Dekalb Peachtree).  The kids got a little history lesson, learned about different kinds of planes and even got to sit Mr. Epps’ plane.  The boys loved it.  Linnea slept through most of it. 

After the tour, we lunched with our friends and played at the playground next to the airstrip, securely behind a fence :).  We watched all sorts of planes take off and land.

We had big group, probably 20 kids or more, plus parents.  Our field trips don’t have quite the chaotic energy of a school group trip.  Maybe it’s because we all arrive in our own vehicles, we bring our own lunches or most likely, it is because I am only responsible for my own kids.   I do think it’s fun to be with a group of kids that range from Linnea’s age to 12 years old or so.  I like to see how they all play together and was surprised how quickly they learn each other’s names.  We are active in a local group that has over 100 families, so we meet new people on every trip.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our day!