Friday, October 23, 2009

Linnea goes camping!

Yep, Linnea wasn’t even 3 weeks old yet and we dragged her out to the woods.  I needed to get out of the house and really, so did the rest of this family. 

We went to Lake Conasauga again.  I love it there.  It was nice a quiet, although a little wet and cool.  Again, I wish I brought more clothes for the boys.  In one day they got 3 pairs of pants wet and 3 pairs of shoes!  Boys.

The boys did a little fishing with their dad, while I hung out with Linnea at the campsite.  Admittedly, I was perfectly happy to sit and cuddle with Linnea and get a little reading in too.

We went for a short hike around the lake, but other than that, we spent our 3 days there relaxing.  Well, relaxing as much as parents of 3 and a puppy can.  It was a bit of work making meals, cleaning up from meals, finding firewood, etc, but it was the kind of work that felt good at the same time. 

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