Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Robots, rockets and Birdie

It hasn’t been a particularly exciting week around here.  We have all had a cold that I think we got from a fellow passenger.  Oliver had it first, then Benton, now me.  So far, it look like Dan might escape it.  Anyway, since not much is going on, I thought I would post about these little drawing books I made for the boys before our trip.  The robot one is Oliver’s and the rocket one is Benton’s.   They have asked for a robot and rocket cake for their birthdays, so I imagine their cakes might look a lot like this fabric.  :)

I made the pattern myself and it worked out pretty well.  They are slightly different inside because Benton in a lefty, so his notepad is on the left.    Oliver had some colored pencils in his pocket and both have crayon rocks.  If you haven’t seen these, they are great for little guys hands.  Benton really likes them.  I think Birdie ate one yesterday, but I doubt anyone will really miss it.

Speaking of Birdie,  she and I went to her first obedience class last night.  Birdie did really well and was totally worn out afterwards.  She has been a great little puppy.  The only issue we are working on right now is getting he to quit jumping on people, especially the kids.  She weighs more than Oliver now, so she can easily knock them both over.

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