Monday, July 6, 2009

Chubby Chicks quilt is done!

Finally.  I think I started over 6 months ago.  Quilts are big projects and I can’t work on them very regularly.  I am almost finished with another quilt and will post a picture in a couple of days.  I’m still working on my freehand quilting.  I feel like I need a lot more practice to make it look nice and smooth.

A friend asked me the other day how many quilts I have made.  Turns out this is number 5, but really only the 2nd one I have made from start to finish.

1st quilt - the lullaby quilt - I made it during my first pregnancy.  I cut everything, then went to work, came home and my mom had made most of the blocks.  I put it together and took it to someone to do the quilting.  I did sew the crib bumpers all by myself.

2nd quilt - animal quilt - also made during my 1st pregnancy.  I drew all the Alaskan animals and did the applique by hand.  Then had a professional do the quilting.

3rd quilt - Doggie with Bandana -melted to designs together to come up with this one.  It was gift for my good friend’s baby boy.  Did not quilt this one, but tied it off. My mom and Rana helped me sew on the binding.

4th quilt - my cowgirl practice quilt.  All me, start to finish.

5th-Chubby Chick quilt - all done by me.  It is a gift for another good friend’s baby girl.

6th quilt - coming soon...

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