Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Somebody needed an attitude adjustment

Turns out it was me. 

So, I realized I have been awfully grumpy lately.  It might have something to do with being 6 months pregnant, already having 2 kids and now a puppy and the miserably hot weather here in Atlanta, but I’m not sure.

I was tired of being grumpy and woke up Monday morning with the idea that I was just going to try to be more like my usual easy going self.   It is so easy to forget, that as the parent, I set the mood.  When I am grumpy, I only make things harder on myself.

I realized we needed something to do each day, which is a little difficult with highs in the 90s.  So, we spent Monday morning and early afternoon at the pool.  That’s one advantage of living here, versus Alaska.  Tuesday was to the vet and Nonna and Papa’s, today the Children’s museum with friends and then our usual Thursday park day, and Friday garden class.  I’m tired, but we’re all happier.  It makes the late afternoons at home better for all of us.

I seriously love being home with my kids.  However, I find that sometimes I get a little bogged down by the monotony of cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.  The parenting part would be so much easier if I didn’t have all that other stuff that I feel responsible for doing.  I’d be an awesome mom if I had a full time housekeeper.  :)

Until, the housekeeper gets here, all those extra messes my kids make...well, I am trying not to think of them as extra, but just part of life with my kids.

My camera is finally off being serviced, so all I have is this quilt photo.  It was my practice quilt and is for the new baby.  The piecework is great, but the quilting looks like a practice quilt and I hope it is not the best I’ll ever do, but I like it anyway.  It is the first thing I have made (or bought) for the new baby.  The fabric has little cowgirls and cowboys on it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birdie the Napper

Birdie naps more than my babies ever did.  I am grateful for this, because, well, being pregnant, I get tired too.  Watching everyone can wear me down a bit, so thankfully Birdie gives me lots breaks and leaves me to just entertain Oliver and Benton.  This is a picture of Birdie in one of her favorite napping spots.  I think it is a little foolish, but she keeps going back to this spot.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If you can’t beat them, join them...

So, I was seriously about to lose it. 

I asked Benton, who was wielding the hose and spraying water in every direction, to stop and turn the water off.  I must have said it 10 times.  And then, I thought “why do I really care?”  The answer was mostly because of city water restrictions. Bummer. 

It is nearly 90 degrees out and kids aren’t allowed to play in the sprinkler? 

So, for the sake of my sanity and my blood pressure, I thought, “whatever” and convinced Benton to pause long enough so that I could attached the sprinkler.    They spent the next 1/2 hour running around and through the sprinkler.

Now, we’re back in the house, watching Curious George.  We going to go to the pet store in a bit, but I needed a moment (30 minutes) of quiet. 

Oh, Birdie (the puppy) does not like this hot weather at all.  She is more than willing to hang out in the house all day.  She is going to love Alaska though.  Birdie is my kind of dog.