Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Day

Today is Puppy Day!  We’ve been counting down to this day for over 3 weeks.  She arrived this morning and the boys could barely contain themselves.  They are excited, but have been very kind and gentle with her.  She is a 10 week old Newfoundland pup.  She has been here a few hours and I think we are already in love.  Benton already told her “I love you Puppy.”

Oh, this was my idea.  So, if you hear me complaining at all, about life with a puppy, feel free to roll your eyes at me.  I realize, it might be crazy to get a puppy when I am over 5 months pregnant, but I am thrilled to have a dog in the house again.  I know the extra messes and work/training will be worth it.         

So far, it seems her name is Birdie, but we have to wait until Dan gets home to help us decided.  Right now Benton is doing his best is cuddle up with her under my desk.  They are both absolutely adorable.

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