Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Day

Today is Puppy Day!  We’ve been counting down to this day for over 3 weeks.  She arrived this morning and the boys could barely contain themselves.  They are excited, but have been very kind and gentle with her.  She is a 10 week old Newfoundland pup.  She has been here a few hours and I think we are already in love.  Benton already told her “I love you Puppy.”

Oh, this was my idea.  So, if you hear me complaining at all, about life with a puppy, feel free to roll your eyes at me.  I realize, it might be crazy to get a puppy when I am over 5 months pregnant, but I am thrilled to have a dog in the house again.  I know the extra messes and work/training will be worth it.         

So far, it seems her name is Birdie, but we have to wait until Dan gets home to help us decided.  Right now Benton is doing his best is cuddle up with her under my desk.  They are both absolutely adorable.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gift Tote

This is a close up of a tote bag I made this weekend.  And, just to drive my husband crazy, I started sewing this little bag less than 2 hours before we were suppose to be at a birthday party for a little girl turning 3.  It was, obviously, a last minute decision. 

Well, to be honest, I thought about it a couple days before, but then opted to see what was available at Target on Saturday.  Turns out I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the toys there.  Instead I got a set of washable markers and crayons and a small tablet and headed home with the idea of sewing a little bag.  I like the way it turned out and hope she likes to too.

Friday, May 1, 2009

“It’s a girl. There are too many boys around here.”

That’s Oliver’s standard response when asked whether our new baby is a boy or girl. He has said it all along.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with Oliver’s assessment of there being too many boys around here, I thought the baby was a girl too, but I needed confirmation from the ultrasound. Oliver didn’t seem to need any confirmation. I asked if he was excited that he was right, and he said “yeah, I said it was girl.” He didn’t sound particularly excited when he said that.

Anyway, I’m excited! We waited until Oliver and Benton were born to find out their gender. So, finding out early feels a little strange, but it is fun to know. Even though the perinatologist seemed confident about the gender, I feel a little like you never know for sure until the baby is born. I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed for a healthy little girl sometime in September.

I needed a picture for this post so I pulled out some of the things my mom knitted over the years, just in case. She knitted the two sweater sets over 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Oliver and the little knitted dress and bonnet while I was pregnant with Benton. Obviously, no one has worn them yet.