Friday, April 10, 2009

Quilting Update


Well, I have finished the Chubby Chicks quilt top, but I have been to chicken to start quilting it to the batting and bottom piece. 

So, I started working on a quilt for Melanie’s little girl.  It is kind of a single Irish Chain quilt (the blue fabric), but has a lot of randomly placed other squares. The first picture to the right shows a few of the blocks I have completed, the second is picture from the pattern book.  I bought the book, because I liked this pattern.  Of course, I have to do it differently.  It will be a little bigger, more colorful, and instead of stars and hearts, I am going to applique various flowers.  I love the fabric and think the quilt will turn out nice and colorful and neither too babyish or girly (not pastel or pink).

In the past, I have taken most of my quilts to a professional to quilt the quilt sandwich, but now I have this fantastic sewing machine that is capable of doing a very nice job.  The problem is me.  I am new at this part of quilting.  So, I have also started a practice quilt.  The last picture is what I put together today.   It is similar to the cuddle quilts my mom made the boys.  I had some fun cowgirl fabric and leftover bandana fabric from another project. It needs one more border of the cowgirl print and then I can quilt it.   I like it.   So, on the off chance we are having a girl, I will save this one for her.

Have a great weekend!

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