Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 days of beach camping = 8 loads of laundry

We went to the beach again.  We spent 4 days and 3 nights on Hunting Island in South Carolina.  It is just a few islands away from our last camping spot on Edisto Island.  Alex, Stephanie and Ian came down for a couple of nights and our neighbors Pat and Sheila got the site next to us for 3 nights too.  It was fun to be surrounded by friends at the campground.  Oliver and Benton had a bit of freedom and wandered between the 3 sites. 

The weather was nice, windy one day, rainy one night, but for the most part, pleasant.  The mosquitos, on the other hand, were terrible.  Although there were no visible swarms, they were as bad as they are on any backcountry hike in Alaska.  Since, I hate smothering myself with DEET, I came home with plenty of bites.  Oh, there were raccoons again.  I think they searched every campsite every night for food.

Unfortunately, my camera is not working right, and is headed for the repair shop, but click here to see some of the pictures I got at the beach one day. 

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a fun day that started with Easter baskets, visits and gifts from our neighbors, Pat and Sheila.  Sheila took us to visit some baby chicks she is chick-sitting, but camera wasn’t working.  We might go again this week. 

Later, we finally dyed our eggs using tissue paper and water, Oliver got a haircut, and then we headed out to Dan’s parents for an egg hunt with cousin Erin and a family Easter dinner.  All and all a fun-filled day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Quilting Update


Well, I have finished the Chubby Chicks quilt top, but I have been to chicken to start quilting it to the batting and bottom piece. 

So, I started working on a quilt for Melanie’s little girl.  It is kind of a single Irish Chain quilt (the blue fabric), but has a lot of randomly placed other squares. The first picture to the right shows a few of the blocks I have completed, the second is picture from the pattern book.  I bought the book, because I liked this pattern.  Of course, I have to do it differently.  It will be a little bigger, more colorful, and instead of stars and hearts, I am going to applique various flowers.  I love the fabric and think the quilt will turn out nice and colorful and neither too babyish or girly (not pastel or pink).

In the past, I have taken most of my quilts to a professional to quilt the quilt sandwich, but now I have this fantastic sewing machine that is capable of doing a very nice job.  The problem is me.  I am new at this part of quilting.  So, I have also started a practice quilt.  The last picture is what I put together today.   It is similar to the cuddle quilts my mom made the boys.  I had some fun cowgirl fabric and leftover bandana fabric from another project. It needs one more border of the cowgirl print and then I can quilt it.   I like it.   So, on the off chance we are having a girl, I will save this one for her.

Have a great weekend!