Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our New Year’s Eve...

a week later. 

Ten years ago, on New Year’s Eve, Dan and I officially started dating.  I tried to dig up a picture, but they are on one of Dan’s old computers, but if I get it, I’ll put one up.  Anyway, Graham invited me to visit Atlanta over New Year’s and I so I spent it here at Dan and Elke’s place with Graham.   Dan brought out my assertive side and, well, that was that.  He was my boyfriend from then on.  After that trip, we dated long distance for a year and an half.  Anchorage to Atlanta.  Can’t get much further apart.  

New Year’s Eve in Atlanta 1998 - a group of us went out to a fancy fondue restaurant.  So, in honor of that night, and mostly because I have always loved fondue, Dan and I often have fondue on New Year’s Eve.  This was the first year we were able to share this tradition with Oliver and Benton.  They loved the dipping part and the cheesiness, but still didn’t eat much.   It was certainly a different kind of night than 10 years ago, but still just as perfect.

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Eve too.

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