Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chubby Chicks Quilt Top

So far this quilt has been surprise.  I am making it for Hilkka’s baby girl.  So she has not seen the pattern or fabric.   I thought they wouldn’t mind a peek at my progress.   Although, the picture does not really bring out the real colors of the fabric.  It will have to do for now.

Benton calls it the “birdie” quilt.

I have to sew a couple of borders on and the top will be complete.  Then I have to figure out how to quilt it.   I picked this pattern because I thought it was adorable, not thinking about whether it suited my skills or not.  I’m pretty much a beginner quilter and this was my first foray in triangles and pinwheel blocks.  I think it is coming together well, but it has it’s quirks.

I hope I can finish it in the next few weeks.  I’ll share it again then. 

The Perfect Haircut Until...

Benton got the scissors. 

Three minutes later he came out looking like this.  I foolishly thought he was right behind me.

If I comb it over and put a little hairspray on him, you can barely tell.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bye, Bye, Gingerbread

It was way past time for our gingerbread houses to go.  So, Dan and the boys headed outside with a rubber mallet and eye protection.

Yes, they smashed their gingerbread houses.  What else would a boy do?  Click here to see more pictures.

Oliver enthusiastically whacked his to pieces with the mallet.  Meanwhile. Benton was a little more reluctant.  He was still in love with his house, but after a bit of hemming and hawing, and Oliver’s not so subtle encouragement, Benton stomped on his.

I am learning the ways of boys.   Last year, Dan came up with this idea and it sounded fun to me, but really I would have never thought of it.  So, it is now a part of our gingerbread tradition.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our New Year’s Eve...

a week later. 

Ten years ago, on New Year’s Eve, Dan and I officially started dating.  I tried to dig up a picture, but they are on one of Dan’s old computers, but if I get it, I’ll put one up.  Anyway, Graham invited me to visit Atlanta over New Year’s and I so I spent it here at Dan and Elke’s place with Graham.   Dan brought out my assertive side and, well, that was that.  He was my boyfriend from then on.  After that trip, we dated long distance for a year and an half.  Anchorage to Atlanta.  Can’t get much further apart.  

New Year’s Eve in Atlanta 1998 - a group of us went out to a fancy fondue restaurant.  So, in honor of that night, and mostly because I have always loved fondue, Dan and I often have fondue on New Year’s Eve.  This was the first year we were able to share this tradition with Oliver and Benton.  They loved the dipping part and the cheesiness, but still didn’t eat much.   It was certainly a different kind of night than 10 years ago, but still just as perfect.

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Eve too.