Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas tree

It started out looking a little like a tall version of Charlie Brown’s tree. 

We have always got trees from a local garden store, but this year after moving to a new spot, they did not have trees.  Since we were all ready in loaded in the car, we went to the one nearby spot we knew would have trees: Lowe’s.  By one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, the trees were already a bit picked through, but we found one.  Next year, I think we’ll try a tree farm and get the full experience.

Oliver and Benton helped Dan get the tree ready for the stand and then swept the porch.  Later that evening (after the football game), we decorated the tree.  Benton was most excited about unwrapping each ornament. Oliver was more into the hot cocoa and picking the right spot for each ornament, which was pretty much the same spot for all the ornaments.
Oh,  I actually got a decent photo of both boys in front of the tree, but I am saving it for our holiday cards!

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