Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Review

Well, we had a wonderful Christmas here with all the family, many of whom traveled to be here.    Christmas Eve was the big family gathering complete with a fun gift exchange and more importantly, homemade ravioli and lasagna, as is family tradition around here. 

Christmas day, as we sat down to eat our Christmas morning breakfast including homemade cinnamon rolls, the electricity went out.    We opened gifts next to our unlit tree and enjoyed the quiet.  The boys took their time and we played as we went.  Dan spoiled me as usual and just as we finished, the electricity came back on. 

About our green Christmas, although we opened gifts elsewhere too, here at the house, we managed to finish up with one kitchen sized bag of trash, a pile of recyclables and a pile of reusable bags (37 and counting) and tissue paper.  Not bad. 

Pictured are the homemade gifts I said I wasn’t going to make.  :)   I felt like something special was missing so, I started these aprons and chef’s hats a couple days before Christmas.  Two evenings and they were done, in secret.  The chef’s hat was the one thing Oliver asked for, that I could make, so I thought I should get it done.  Of course, if Oliver gets a chef’s hat and apron, so must Benton.  I got them their own kids spatula and Oliver got a few cookbooks for young kids. Oliver opened his and said “A chef’s hat!  I’ve always wanted a chef’s hat.” 

Their colds came back with a vengeance on Christmas, so we have been playing with new toys and watching a lot of movies around here the last few days.  Oliver said he didn’t feel like baking or cooking anything until he felt better.  I guess we have to wait a few days to try out the new cookbooks.

I hope all of you had a great holiday and I look forward to hearing your stories.  Happy New Year!

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