Monday, August 18, 2008

My laundry is piling up...

I have been too busy watching the Olympics to blog and it seems the boys have been having more fun with Daddy this week than me. 

The first picture is Dan building his new computer with his two helpers.  They were both being pretty cute.  They each got out their tools and worked on the computer with Dan.  I was watching the Olympics during all this, but eventually thought to snap a photo.

Earlier in the week Oliver decided he wanted to build a birdhouse.  He seemed to have a pretty clear idea about how it would it should look.  So, to help Dan out I searched for a free bird house plan and somehow I stumbled on these backyard forts.  While I was googling and watching the Olympics I went from a free birdhouse plan to trying to convince Dan to spend thousands of dollars on one of those awesome forts.   He was not convinced.   So, instead I requested a few books from the library so we can build our own treehouse. 

Anyway, Dan ended up picking a bird house plan and they built it together on Saturday while I watched the Olympics with Benton.  I did not get any pictures of the actually building process because I was apparently busy.  Oh, Benton and I did make some ice cream (we had ingredients leftover) and then watched the Olympics.

Did I mention I have been watching a lot of the Olympics?  Yea Phelps!

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