Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catch and Release

So, it is August, which means summer is winding down in Alaska. 

Somehow, I made a very logical decision to not spend $4000 on plane tickets and rental cars to go home to Alaska this summer.  I am seriously regretting it now. 

This will be the first summer in 35 years that I have not spent time in Alaska.  So, I guess I am feeling homesick.  Our family really needs a vacation together too.   

Worse than feeling homesick is the guilt I feel.  Being homesick is essentially feeling sorry for yourself, which is unfounded in my case.  So, I feel guilty too.

The above picture is from last August.   That was a great day.  That day, Oliver caught his first fish.  Uncle Kenny got him all set and helped him reel it in.  

The trout was a “catch and release” fish, so he didn’t come home with us.

That day reminded me of so many days from my childhood.  Playing in the creek and reeling in fish.  Kenny and I would count of all the fish we caught and released.  Back then, I always caught more, but now Kenny is the expert fisherman.  Just look at him.  He is a natural.  :)  What a day.  Oliver was wet and Benton was dirty.   After a picnic dinner, we headed home.   It was wonderful to share that experience with my kids.  That is the life I want for them.

Living in Atlanta is a different life indeed.   I’ve been here for almost eight years, but I still feel like a fish out of water.

Alaska summers are filled with outdoor adventures, but I also miss the last minute dinners with friends and family, grillin’ fresh salmon and drinking Alaskan Ambers (or Jim’s homebrew) and retelling all the adventure stories.  I guess we’ll get there next summer.

Most Alaskans are adventurous to some degree and many are eager to share a story.  Through a close friend,  I knew K2 climber and Irishman Gerard McDonnell and have heard a few of his stories at the dinner table.   I was deeply saddened to hear he did not make it off the mountain.  Rest in peace, Gerard.
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