Friday, July 25, 2008

A quick cake...

A former student of mine turned 13 this week.  She has been coming over twice a week during the summer helping me with the kids.  It has been fun to spend time with her.  I was her mentor for several years and then I had kids and it became more difficult to get together with her.

She has been interested in baking and cooking, wanting to show her big brother up at home.  We made pizza together a month ago and she took dough home and made pizza for her family.   So, when she came over yesterday, she mentioned not having a cake yet, as they were waiting for her brother to come home from camp today.  So, we decided to make a cake together.  We baked it yesterday and decorated it today. 

She made the polka dots.  I made the butterflies.   We did the buttercream together.  It’s not the best beginner recipe, but tastes great and I had all the ingredients.  She chose the colors and did most of the icing herself.  I couldn’t help myself and did a little smoothing of the icing.  Oliver and Benton even got in on the action.  They helped put on the polka dots.  Oliver was very excited about Aderyl’s cake and when she left with it he kept yelling “Happy Birthday Aderyl!”  They have really enjoyed her company this summer.  I wish I could say I got a lot done while she is here, but it’s ok.  I really enjoyed making this cake with her.

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