Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pizza and Movie Night

We love homemade pizza around here!  Saturday, Oliver suggested a pizza and movie night.  He also suggested we go to our favorite restaurant.  We thought that sounded like a bit much.  So, that evening we made pizza again.  The boys like to watch the cheese bubble and get excited about dinner.  The funny thing is the really don’t eat much.  We even make simple cheese slices for them (sometime with a tomato slice too), but they really aren’t big eaters at dinnertime.

Last weekend we made a dessert pizza that turned out really well.  We sliced a granny smith apple really thin and tossed it with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Yum.  Oliver ate 2 slices.   So, I guess if dinner was more like dessert, they might eat more.  We are already trying to think of our next dessert pizza.  Any ideas?

The other picture is Oliver eating an appetizer.  He insisted!  He had to eat some zucchini.  He was practically standing in the refrigerator begging.  I tried to cut a piece off for him, but he wanted to eat it like corn.  Whatever.  Like I am going to discourage him from eating vegetables.  The zucchini is actually from our neighbor.  They planted a little garden this year.  I would love to have a little garden, but at the time of the garden planting next door, all outdoor watering was banned in Atlanta because of the drought.  I guess our neighbors didn’t know that and now they have fresh vegetables and I don’t.  That’s what I get for always following the rules.

Since it was movie night, and the tv is back in the attic, we brought my computer out to the living room.   I chose Toy Story from iTunes, which I saw maybe 10+ years ago.  I read the www.commonsensemedia.org review and rating.  So, I thought there might be a few stressful moments, but no parents dying or disappearing, like so many other Disney movies. 

We settled on to the couch with our dinner and started the show.   It was going pretty well, but about halfway in, Oliver got totally stressed out twice.  His little head was shaking and he wouldn’t speak about it.  Freaky.  Once was when Woody looked like he might be run over by a car and the other was when the neighbor kid was taking toys apart and such.  Both time we asked if he want to stop or skip ahead and told him Woody wouldn’t get hurt.  He did let us skip some of the neighbor boy scenes.  He seemed to feel better when things were resolved, but I continued to feel horrible.  Benton seemed oblivious, so who knows what I’ve done to him. 

Seriously, we are not watching anymore Disney cartoons for a long while.   I’m so glad he liked Mary Poppins.  I think we’ll be watching that one on our next movie night.  At bedtime that night, he told me he was going to dream about all the people who love him.  I think he was still feeling a little stressed.  My poor sweet boy.  

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