Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oliver wants another baby...

Oliver has been requesting some of the new baby books we read to him 2 years ago, before Benton was born.  He also enjoys looking at pictures of himself as a baby and those of him holding Benton as a baby.  He keeps trying to pick Benton up and carry him.  So, Saturday he requested the above picture.  He wanted to hold Benton like a baby.  Benton complied, briefly. 

Aren’t they cute? 

Anyway, I thought I would share these silly pictures with you  This is in no way an announcement or hint about another baby at our house.  I imagine all the talk about his friends getting new siblings has put the idea into his head.   It is fun to talk to him about babies, but I am not sure he would really be all that thrilled if he had to share our attentions with another little guy.  I know Benton wouldn’t be. 

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