Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun with Gramma

Gramma Kathy is here!  She’s probably already tired.  I haven’t been feeling well since she got here and she has been keeping our little guys busy. 

The funny picture of Benton is after a bath.  He loves those animal towels.  Both Benton and Oliver have to spend at least 10 minutes running around pretending to be the towel animal before they will put pjs on. 

Gramma is good about remembering the bath.  We are not as consistent as we should be.  Especially considering they enjoy baths so much.  Sometimes we just get too busy playing with Daddy when he comes home that baths get pushed ‘til the next day.

Anyway,  we did some fun potato print painting with Gramma.  My idea, but Gramma ended up with clean up.  Sorry, Mom.

We got the puppet theater (from my teacher days) out of the attic and put on a few shows.  Dan was probably the best performer, but Oliver is getting the idea. Didn’t get a great picture.  Everyone was too involved to pose for a photo.

Well, looks like I didn’t get an actual picture of my mom.  She’s been too busy trying to keep up with the kids.  It is great to have her here.  Although, I sort of feel like a slacker when she is here.  She feeds them, dresses them, changes diapers, plays with them and even does laundry.  I think she is better at this than I am.  I guess she has a few more years under her belt. 

Oliver and Benton are loving all the undivided attention GrammaKaffy (that’s how Oliver says it) has for them.  We still have another week with her.  I bet she’ll be worn out by them.  :)

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