Monday, July 21, 2008

Everyone loves a wedding!

We went to a wedding!  Dan’s cousin, Tony married Amber last weekend.  Benton and Oliver stayed at home with Grandma while Dan and I went to South Carolina for two nights.  We had a great time.  I love that Dan’s family enjoys a good party.  The rehearsal dinner was great fun and the wedding reception was everything a reception should be including an open bar, good food, dancing, and a little karaoke by the groom. 

Dan and I really enjoyed our weekend without kids.  It was the first time I have left the boys overnight.  So, Saturday morning we slept until 10am!  Dan woke up and asked if the clock was right.   I wish I could say I slept straight through, but it was still nice to wake up and be able to fall back asleep.  We had planned to go for  a invigorating hike, but after sleeping in and highs in the 90s, we opted for a movie instead. 

After a Sunday brunch with the family, we headed home to the kiddos.  All and all, a great weekend.

Congratulations to Amber and Tony!  Thanks for letting us celebrate your big day with you.

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