Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brought to You by the letter Ff and the number 23...

Somehow, while Gramma was here, the Letter of the Day began.  Although Gramma went home yesterday, Oliver walks into the kitchen this morning and says “What’s the letter of the day, Mom?”  “I don’t know.  What is the letter of the day?”  “Umm, it’s F!”  He proceeds to find the magnets and puts them on the board and asks what the number of the day is, which corresponds to the calendar day, even though the letter is completely random.  So we go check the calendar and see that it is the 23rd,  hence, the number of the day.

I have an alphabet chart (another leftover from teaching) with poems/songs on it and we turn to the Ff page and he wants me to sing it to him.  It goes to the tune Alouette.  I had some difficulties, but Oliver didn’t care. 

It feels a little like school, which is kind of funny to me.  I wonder how long this new ritual will last.  I love that he is interested and he can tell you words that begin with the letter of the day.    I  have an old classroom calendar I could hang up.  I really didn’t want my kitchen to look like my old classroom, but I will do whatever is of interest to Oliver. 

Benton recognizes letters too.  He likes to point them out.  Most are Os or As according to him.  He also enjoys singing his ABCs, not that any of us can understand him.

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