Monday, July 7, 2008

Bagels and Bikes

Dan got tired of waiting for me to make bagels and he did it himself!  And they were good.  I think there are 2 left, but I am sure they will be gone tomorrow morning. 

Lucky me, hot fresh bagels, made by my sweetie.

Baking a new kind of bread for the first time is challenging, which is probably why I hadn’t tried the bagel recipe yet.  I really liked that I got to sit on porch reading while Dan made these great bagels.   Next time we’ll try some toppings.  You know, I can’t wait to make a cheese bagel. :)    My mixer was working so hard to knead the bagel dough.   The motor was burning hot!  I was afraid the mixer would overheat and seize up.  We ended up splitting the dough and it worked fine.  Anyway, that was really the only input I had in this bread baking adventure.    I guess I’ll have to upgrade my mixer...

Sunday was a good day.  It started with the bagels, followed by a family bike ride. 

It has taken me 6 summers (2 of which I was pregnant), but now I think I can tolerate the heat here, at least before noon.  After that, if I am outside, I better be in a pool, headed to the pool, or headed back to the air conditioned car or house. 

Anyway, at the end of May, temperatures got up into the 90s and I put my bike in the attic.  Well, last week I was sitting on the screened porch enjoying the beautiful morning weather and thought, “I should get up and do something fun.” So the boys and I went for a ride. 

I went again with Dan and the boys on Sunday, but I didn’t have to pull the trailer, so I got to go faster and farther.  AND I did it again this morning.  I sure prefer it to going to the Y.  I think I will try to focus more on bike riding as long as the kiddos are willing and use the Y occasionally.  Right now, going more than twice a week is too much for Oliver and Benton.

Sunday afternoon I had a movie date with my husband.  The kids hung out with their Nonna and Papa while Dan and I saw Hancock.  A fun superhero movie.  We brought dinner back for everyone and had a chance to visit.  All and all it was a great weekend.  A little of everything.

The best part, is that when Oliver told his dad tonight about our bike ride he said “Mommy goes fast like you.”  I like that, even if it is not true.

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