Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something for Me!

It has been awhile since I worked on a project for myself.  Other than curtains and pillows, I can’t remember making something just for me.  Um, I guess that chocolate cake last week was kind of for me (and Dan - see wedding picts), but that was not a sewing project.

Anyway, I found this fun turtle fabric and decided to make myself a tote bag and I finished it today.  Actually, it is not quite done.  I still need a button for the front.  I think it turned out well and I really enjoyed quilting it.  I did some decorative stitches, as you can see in the close up picture. 

Over the last 2 weeks I finished a few other gifts, a couple of capes and another backpack.  These gifts will go out shortly.  I am sure I am ruining the surprise for the recipients’ moms, but I am pretty sure T. and F. don’t read my blog.

Oliver so wants to sew something.  I need to think of a project for him.  He’ll come up to me and say “What stitch are you using Mom?”   I thought maybe he could do some fun stitches on felt and make bookmarks or something.  Any ideas? 

Next, I am going to start a quilt, that will probably take me forever and bag for a good friend. 

Today, as I ran out to the grocery store, I wished I had a smaller bag.  I think some people call it a purse...  I think I’ll add that to my list of things to do.

My list is long, but I have crossed a few things off lately and it feels good.

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