Monday, June 9, 2008

One corner organized...

The rest of the house is crazy messy.   Today is one of those days where every room in this house needs cleaning.  Well, oddly enough, the office, which is usually the messy spot in the house, needs the least attention.  I did some organizing in here a couple of weeks ago and still looks decent.

The above picture is of shelves I put up in the kids area of the kitchen.  Click on it to see another picture of the art area.  The shelves are directly across from the kids table.  The paint is now a little less accessible to the shorter folks who live with us. 

I am pleased with the new organization, but I need to put some labels on the buckets.  They are taller than I expected and I have to pull them down to see what is in them. 

I don’t have any more exciting pictures for you today.  My camera’s rechargeable batteries quick charging and I’m waiting for the new ones to arrive.  So, no pictures from the weekend.  We did get out on the hottest day ever (93 degrees) and went swimming.  It was fun for all of us.  I hope to take them again this week.

Well back to cleaning.  I hope to work on a few projects later this afternoon.  I finished 3 other projects since my last post and have fabric for 3-4 more.   I’ll get some pictures up in a couple days of the completed projects.

Oh, I just remember a few silly things Oliver has said lately related to cleaning.  The other night, while hanging out in the living room, he said to his dad “Can you help me out?  This place looks kind of messy.  We need to pick some stuff up.”

And last night, while I was making dinner he said “How can I help?”  He actually sounded excited to help Daddy empty the dishwasher. 

Hope you are all well.  

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