Monday, June 2, 2008

I hate TV, I think.

So, most of you know that our TV went to the attic about a year ago.  It has made a couple appearances since then, but only for a day or two and then it is banished to the attic again.  Well, this time it has been out for a month.  

The above picture is Oliver watching TV.  Benton is sick and we stayed home and watched a lot of TV.  It is fine on sick days, but any other time it is on, I feel like a crappy mom.  Like I am not doing my job.   On the other hand, all we watch is PBS and Oliver actually learns from most of the shows.  As soon as I tell myself that, the debate starts in my head about wether I want him learning things from the TV or if he should be learning them from me.  Especially letters and beginning reading.   I was a reading teacher for goodness sake.    It goes on and on in my head and the time I could have enjoyed while he is entertained and learning, I have wasted feeling guilty about it all. 

Despite all that. my biggest problem with the TV is turning it off.  Actually it’s really Oliver’s problem.   That is the reason the TV was banished to the attic a year ago.  I just didn’t want to deal with tantrums every day.  It has gotten better lately, but I have to tell him at the beginning of a show that we have to turn it off after it is over.  Then I have to repeat this several times during the show.  If I keep up with the reminders he will turn it off on his own without a fuss.  If I don’t do my part, there is usually drama.

I use to watch a lot of TV myself, but I am not that interested anymore.  The morning show I use to watch seems like a waste of time.  They spend way too much time talking about what is coming up next and not enough time talking about anything of substance.  The evening shows have so many commercials that I would rather just watch the shows available online.  I guess I would watch Oprah, if I could, but it is in the middle of the day and not available online

Anyway, I better get back to my boys.  Both are sick today.  Curious George has been keeping them company for the last half hour.  Time for me to step back in and be the mommy.

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