Monday, June 16, 2008

A Father’s Day Celebration

with almost no pictures!  So, that’s what is left of the cake I made.  It was pretty good.  I may have gotten carried away with the chocolate frosting.  It turned out a little thick and fudgey.  I would never complain about that, but it was good that the filling was a light and fluffy raspberry mouse.  The boys loved licking the bowls!

We served homemade pizza and salads.  We ended up with a bigger party than I originally imagined and cooked 6 pizzas, all different.

The smoke detector went off twice.  :)  I have never cooked that many pizzas in a row and the corn meal I have to use to keep the dough from sicking to the stone started smoking.  Oh well.  Everything tasted good.  I think I’ll either keep the party smaller next time I make pizza, or wait for winter.  It was pretty warm in the kitchen.  It made the porch feel pleasant!

It was funny party because all the men were watching golf in the living room and all the ladies were out on the porch drinking wine and telling stories.  The kids kept themselves entertained and dropped in for for food and to sit on a lap every once in awhile.

At one point, Benton, Oliver and cousin Erin all went to out back with Uncle Joel (Erin’s dad) and Uncle Eli.  The last picture is the after effects.  They put bug spray on, but poor ol’ Benton got bit on his eye lid, neck and forehead.   He looks terrible.  I think it is even worse since I took that picture this morning.

Lastly, since it is Father’s Day, I want to add that the kids and I feel so lucky to have Dan in our lives.  He is a wonderfully loving and giving dad.  He brilliantly mixes being fun with being responsible and our boys adore him for it.  I see it every night when they run to the door to greet him and in bed when Oliver asks if tomorrow is a “stay-at-home” day.    They can’t get enough of him.  He is everything and more I had hoped my husband and father-of-my-children would be.  Lucky me.  We love you Dan!

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