Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A big brother gift...just in time

One of my best and pregnant friends called this morning to say she was at the hospital and things were starting.  The baby should arrive today.  The only benefit of living 4000 miles away from my friends is that they call me when everyone else is still asleep. 

My kiddos are still too sick to go out in public, so we were home and I was working on a backpack for her son.  I actually finished today, so I will have to get into the mail this week.  I want to put a little toy and book in it, but haven’t bought those yet.   I have gift in mind for the baby too, but I figure, she won’t notice if it is a little late.

Oliver is modeling the backpack for the picture.  He wouldn’t take it off until I suggested we make one for him too.  I finish one project and add another to the list.  Click Read More for a few more backpack pictures.

So, the backpack is kind of like a rucksack with a lid.  As usual, I made it without a pattern.  I like the way it turned out and I hope Finley will like it too.    I only had to use the ripper once.  Not bad for a first try without a pattern.  I took some notes and maybe next time it will go even smoother.

I love the fabric.  It is a Nancy Wolff print (for all you fabric lovers).  It is not available anymore, but I got it off of ebay awhile back.  The green fabric is printed like grass.  Very cute.  I think need more. 

Well, I might get started on another project.  I have a couple already cut and ready to sew.

Thanks for checking in on us!

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